An exclusive, secured, private community nestled in the horseshoe-shaped cove of Cala Azul in beautiful San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. A limited number of lots are available, with future plans for stunning condominiums and an epic hotel resort. Developed with a focus on nature, relaxation, and high quality. The results will be an intimate community with all of the desired amenities. Join us!

For the LOVE of nature

Cala Azul has been designed to live in harmony with, and reflect, its extraordinary setting. From the Tropical Spanish architecture nestled in the forested hills, to the sustainable development features, the eco-friendly project is sure to become one of Nicaragua's iconic pleasure destinations.

DISCOVER Nicaragua

Nicaragua  (which literally means "surrounded by water") is bordered by Costa Rica to the South and Honduras to the North.

Nicaragua’s western coast is Pacific Ocean, while on the eastern coast the Caribbean Sea meets is shores. Nicaragua has three distinct regions: the Atlantic Lowlands, the North-Central Highlands and the Pacific Lowlands each possessing a unique climate and geography.

Safeguarding NATURE

Once part of a large nature reserve, Cala Azul has done much more than keep over 80% of the property natural. Cala Azul's site botanist has reintroduced more than 750 increasingly rare native trees and plants onto the property, creating a rich tapestry of tropical biodiversity.  




At the water's edge of Cala Azul - a natural cove where you can step out on a graceful wooden dock and plunge into the turquoise, warm waters with the soft sandy bottom below.

A limited number of luxury homes and condominiums are available to make your tropical dream a reality.



Natalie Sullivan 


Paseo del Rey,

Esqiuna Sur del Restaurante Lago Azul

San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua


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