Why LIVE, INVEST or RETIRE in Nicaragua?

The secret is out, and Nicaragua is a hot destination spot for families, retirees, and any travelers looking for a fun, cheap and adventurous destination.   Located in the heart of Central America, Nicaragua is an undiscovered gem in Central America.  The country has a stunning ecosystem boasting the second largest rainforest in the western hemisphere, cloud forests, and world-class white sandy virgin beaches with world-class surf.   Its central location guarantees sunny and warm days all year round.

Perhaps one of the main reasons Nicaragua tourism is on the rise is because of the variety of beautiful beaches along the Pacific coast.  Some of the beaches feature gentle waves that are perfect for a day of swimming and fishing, while other beaches have a strong tide that surfers prefer.   Nicaragua travel enthusiasts prefer the country’s beaches because they are not as crowded as some of the other beaches in Latin America such as Costa Rica. 


The country beckons retirees to come and see all if has to offer.  Some foreign retirees have already discovered the country’s potential and an article in USA Today stated that many American retirees currently call Nicaragua their home.   Nicaragua seems to fit the bill for people of all ages on a budget looking for an alternative way of life.


After the region’s leading retirement destination was Costa Rica, just next door, on a cost of living basis, Nicaragua is very attractive.  A person can enjoy the same beautiful beaches and natural pristine countryside as in Costa Rica, for a fraction of the cost.   Living in Nicaragua means not having to sacrifice natural beauty and a relaxing environment to save money.


The Nicaragua of today is more stable and more investor-friendly.   Also, it is one of the safest and most affordable countries in Central America.   The friendly people and legendary towns filled with cultural richness make Nicaragua a desirable destination for all foreigners.  



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