Our STORY: Pam & Dave Snograss

Pam and I both grew up around plants and nature.  Pam’s family ran a greenhouse growing operation and I grew up in a landscape and garden center family business called 7 Dees (named after the 7 children whose first name starts with the letter “D”) started by my father Robert Snodgrass in 1956.  Pam and I both share a great love and appreciation for plants, and as well the desire to travel.  Every year in January, since the plant business is slow in winter, we have traveled in search of tropical paradise, trying hard never to visit the same place twice. 

In 2007 our destination was Nicaragua.  Because of this country’s history of unrest, on this one we anticipated a real adventure, not really knowing what to expect.  Our research took us to San Juan Del Sur, a town in the south part of the country near the Costa Rican Border.  When we arrived, we were very pleasantly surprised by what we found.  People were happy, friendly, lots of smiles, and we felt safe from the moment we arrived.  The town was youthful, exciting, clean, inexpensive and colorful.  It felt very international with an influx of surfers and tourists from around the world.  Compared to other places we have visited in our travels, this was a very comfortable third world.  

We had always held out that eventually on one of our trips we would find the perfect place to build a vacation home and settle.  We hooked up with Liam McDermit, a realtor originally from the US, who took us to see Cala Azul.  It was just after it had opened and none of the lots had been sold yet.  We drove half way into the development on an unimproved road, then we walked along an overgrown trail to the point that overlooked the bay.  In that moment I knew this was it, as there are few places in the world that have as stunning a view or as beautiful a setting.  Of particular interest to Pam and I was the surrounding native jungle which is unique because of the highly unusual arid/tropical microclimate where cactus, tropicals and hardwood forest all thrive together in this special environment.  Views extend to the butterfly reserve on adjacent land, all inviting birds, monkeys, butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds throughout this wildlife sanctuary.

In 2016, 9 years after purchasing the first lot in Cala Azul and building our dream vacation home, we decided to purchase the entire development.  This was our assurance that Cala Azul would be developed in a respectful way that does justice to the incredible views while preserving this sanctuary of plants and wildlife for everyone to experience and enjoy.  Our vision for the development includes a trail system with walking bridge, relaxation stations, beach access all of which is intended to provide a special connection for this community to the incredible nature that surrounds Cala Azul. 


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